When Maria Inostroza scouted the Abitibi and other areas of Quebec to the likes of her many voyages, she did
not expect to find her vocation there. Unexpected meetings with the Algonquins placed her on the right track: that of recycling cuts of leather, suede and fur. The Algonquins taught her the art of working with the skins, how to select pieces of great quality and how to treat each piece with the most meticulous care.This discovery of ancestral methods naturally led Maria towards the heart of fashion where she would finally be able to release her creative talents, very militant in favour of the environment. Rich in traditional know-how and with a new vision for the protection of the environment, Maria Inostroza opened the doors of her company, Audas, in 2005. Her collection of bags and luxurious accessories manufactured from recycled and durable matter quickly created a sensation among women who like elegance, but who are also concerned with environmental protection. Maria Inostroza wishes to widen her collection of bags, mittens, gloves and other elegant accessories for women by also offering them to men and children.